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Vincent Mad Dog Coll's Arrests



Committed to Mission of the Immaculate Virgin as a disorderly child




Committed to Catholic Protectory for juvenile delinquency.


May 10, 1924


Arrested for juvenile delinquency.  Placed on probation.


November 7, 1924


Arrested in the Bronx for possessing a revolver.  Sent to House of Refuge. Transferred Elmira for indeterminate term.  Paroled.


June 28, 1928


Arrested for unlawful entry.  Discharged.


December 13, 1928


Arrested for assault and robbery. Discharged.  


December 19, 1928


Arrested in Yonkers for suspicion of a felony (Bank robbery?). Dismissed.


December 26, 1928


Arrested for violation of parole.  Sent back to Elmira to finish his sentence.


March 30, 1930


Discharged by Magistrate Ewald on a homicide charge, but held in $10,000 bail on a Sullivan law charge.  He jumped bail on July 3, 1931. 


April 22, 1930


Arrested for robbery and discharged by Magistrate Adolph Stern.


June 2, 1930


Arrested for robbery, discharged.


June 5, 1930


Arrested in Brooklyn by felonious assault; discharged by Magistrate Gasper J. Liota.


November 9, 1930


Arrested for possessing a gun and attempted robbery of Prudential Life Insurance Company, 809 Westchester Ave., Bronx.  Discharged by Magistrate Henry M.R. Goodman.


December 13, 1930


Arrested for robbery.  Discharged by Magistrate John V. Flood.


October 4, 1931


Arrested for homicide.  Acquitted in General Sessions. 


January 11, 1932


Arrested for conspiracy. Discharged. 

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