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Jack "Legs" Diamond - Bootlegger and ally to Mad Dog Coll

Dutch Schultz - Beer Baron of  the Bronx; Arch enemy of Vincent Coll

October 1931: Arrest of Vincent Coll

December 1931: Vincent Coll and attorney, Sam Leibowitz

Illustration of entry points of bullets
Lottie and Coll's sister, Florence Reddan
Millie Schwartz - Accidental victim of shooting by Lottie and accomplices


Owney Madden - Beer Manufacturer/Distributor and owner of Cotton Club night spot.

Bo Weinberg - Schultz's top enforcer

October 1931: Odierno, Basile, DelGreco, Giordano,and Coll

Diagram of murder scene
Vincent Coll taken to his final resting place: St. Raymonds Cemetery, Bronx, NY
Loan shark, Izzy Morah was the target of shooting

Frenchie DeMange - Madden's right-hand man; kidnap victim of Coll Gang

Lottie Kreisberg: The REAL brains behind the Coll gang

December 1931: Vincent Coll on trial for murder

Bullet holes (circled) inside phone booth of Coll murder

February 1934: Lottie on trial for murder with co-defendants: Silvio Ventre and Alfred Guarino
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